Things started playing with me aesthetically

Things started playing with me aesthetically

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“Hello, this is my voice flowing from my heart, like raindrops between light storms. Since the world hid my darling from my eyes, writing has become my best expression, and you are my best friend.”

“Aesthetic, aesthetic, aesthetic,”

The aesthetic errors,

The aesthetic opportunities,

The aesthetic suggestions,

The aesthetic alerts, the aesthetic warnings,

After missing my darling Everything becomes aesthetic

Since I started missing my darling, things around me seem dull and lifeless. It’s like the vivid colors of a rainbow have been shrouded by clouds. Everything seems obsessed with aesthetics now. The smiles that used to fade upon seeing me have morphed into loud, unreasonable laughter.”

The ugly hearts began behaving enthusiastically, and the beautiful hearts sympathized,

Since the proposals you rejected were trying to find an opportunity in my absence, heartless moths began to introduce fear.

During times of rain with light storms, I simply waited patiently, like a rainbow poised between the dark clouds. I know that the rain will eventually stop, the clouds will disperse, and the rainbow will shine brightly with its beautiful, vivid colors.

Nirmal Malle

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