How your Neibhour World Identifies You

How your Neibhour World Identifies You

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In our everyday life, many things play a key role. Some are related to us, while others are not. If something related to us creates something, then we can handle it. However, if something not related to us creates something, then what?

“Things not only create something, but they may also haunt you like a shadow. Sometimes, they target us, but they may fail. In their failure, they may also target you. All these happen because of one emotion, and that emotion is purely connected to our personal and social lives. The name of that thing is identity. Identity is such a thing that can build you and may throw you.”

Most of the time, identity is created in society depending on the characteristics and expressions of a person. This identity can bring happiness, but it may also lead to depression. It can be created in everyone’s life; some may care about it, and some may not. However, whether we accept it or not, it plays a key role in everyone’s life. There is a need to understand it better. For your better understanding, let me tell you a story that can give you a clear idea of identity, how it can be created, and what can lead to it. Let’s delve into the story for a better experience.

There was a horse in the jungle—a wild, clever, strong, and young horse. Its qualities set it apart from others in the group, and its abilities confirmed its superiority within the jungle circles. For people, catching it was challenging; it roamed freely, attracting many human eyes, but no attempt succeeded due to its exceptional abilities.

Living joyfully with its fellow mates, it wandered through the greenery and rivers of the jungle, fully utilizing its freedom and embracing an awesome life. Being awesome is a great thing, but it can also pose challenges. When you are awesome, many intentions may follow you.

“When it comes to horses, they are just animals with their natural energies and qualities. As a result, they may be in trouble at any time. The only plus point is that they are far from the city, and because of that, the animals in that jungle have very few chances of being attacked. Only skilled hunters will enter that jungle.”

The rich person, driven by his desire for prestige and fame, embarked on a grand adventure to find a wild horse for racing. He gathered a group of skilled hunters and provided them with weapons, vehicles, and all necessary equipment for the expedition. The team set out on a long and challenging journey to remote areas where few people ventured.

As they traversed through unknown terrain, faced with various obstacles, the group encountered the wild and untamed beauty of nature. Along the way, they developed a newfound appreciation for the vast and unexplored landscapes. The journey became more than just a quest for a wild horse; it transformed into an exploration of the unknown.

Days turned into weeks, and the group faced numerous challenges, from treacherous terrains to unpredictable weather conditions. Yet, their determination and perseverance pushed them forward. Finally, after an arduous search, the hunters spotted a magnificent wild horse, a creature that had never before felt the reins of captivity or the rush of a racetrack.

Capturing the wild horse proved to be an intricate challenge, testing the skills of the hunters to their limits. The rich person watched eagerly as the team worked together to secure the majestic creature. Once successful, the group carefully transported the wild horse back to town, where preparations for the grand horse racing event began.

As the news of the rich person’s ambitious project spread, the entire town became abuzz with anticipation. The horse racing event promised not only prestige but also excitement and entertainment for the community. The rich person spared no expense in organizing a lavish spectacle, inviting dignitaries, celebrities, and the townspeople to witness the culmination of his grand plan.

The horse racing event turned out to be a roaring success, drawing attention from far and wide. The rich person achieved the fame he desired, not only for his wealth but for his audacious pursuit of a wild horse and the extravagant event that followed. The town celebrated the newfound prestige, and the rich person reveled in the spotlight, satisfied with the outcome of his adventurous endeavor.

“The time is passing, the races are completed, and winning horses are increasing in number. At the same time, the wealthy person begins to feel fear – fear about the horse. What if the horse escapes from the camp? The thought keeps rising in his mind repeatedly, and he starts controlling the horse. He separates it and doesn’t allow it to roam in open places. The poor wild horse starts feeling like a prisoner in a cell, and its performance in races begins to decline.

The angry rich man starts punishing the horse severely. The wild horse, now alone, falls ill and becomes unfit for races.”

Finding an alternative for the wild horse became a very difficult task for the rich man. This time, he started thinking wisely and decided to leave it in the jungle. After a few days, he believed it would become better, and then he planned to catch it again. For that reason, he left it and went back into the jungle.

“After a few months, the wealthy person sends hunters to capture the wild horse. The hunters locate the horse and begin their pursuit, but the wild horse runs into the deep forests to protect itself. The hunters attempt to stop it with weapons, but it runs as it has never run before, utilizing all its natural energies and skills acquired through training. The hunters fail to catch it; for them, it’s just a hunt to capture the horse. However, for the horse, it’s a life race. If it wins, it will gain freedom and live with joy; otherwise, it will become a lifelong servant in the racing field.”

“The horse is running tirelessly, even as it enters the lion forest, but it does not show fear. Its sole focus is to escape from the hunters and attain freedom. It runs throughout the lion’s forest, and fortunately, no lion discovers it. After a few hours, it reaches another forest where a group of horses lives. This forest is more beautiful, with dense foliage, waterfalls, and greenery. Importantly, no hunter can enter it, as doing so requires crossing the lion’s forest, a feat that nobody dares attempt. The hunters retreat to the city, and the horse finds safety, embarking on a new life.”

“The news spread all over the circles of the city, and the people started identifying the horse as a survivor. Because of his fear and selfishness, the rich person behaved not like a human. If he had cared for it, then it would have stayed with him. Instead, he started torturing it with the fear of escape, and it became true. So, all the people started noticing the rich person as a selfish fellow. Due to his selfishness, he misled the horse, and it escaped.”

“From the above story, we can find two identities depending on the characteristics. Here, nobody is the reason for the body’s identity but their characteristics and expressions are the reasons.

In everybody’s life, some things may happen, but how we react is the key to creating an identity. In the above story, the rich person’s characteristics and behavior are the main reasons to get his identity. The horse may have played a key role in exploring the selfishness of that person, but it is not the reason. If that person believes the horse is the reason for his downfall, then it will be only his concern, but practically it is not true. If he still believes the horse destroyed his fame, then he needs to cross-check with an open mind and needs to understand the situation.

Instead of targeting the weak horse again and again by using all his powers and money and getting a worse identity, it’s better to stop all the actions and strategies to live peacefully. Every life has an equal right to live as they wish; one needs to understand this, and only then the riches will give happiness.”

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