Who Are You to Disturb Me

Who Are You to Disturb Me

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Life moves through different stages, each bringing its mix of feelings. We’re all connected to this physical world, living our days using the things around us. When life follows its usual routine, we might not think much about the invisible stuff we don’t usually experience. But sometimes, things happen that flip our whole world. Suddenly, we see new colors and feel emotions we never knew. It’s like gaining strength you never knew you had. You might find yourself tossed around by what others think, but it doesn’t bother you. You start feeling like you’ve got some kind of superpowers within you.

These moments can make you feel like you’re in a whole new world. It’s as if life hands you a pair of glasses that let you see things differently. You’re strong enough to handle whatever comes, even if it feels like a rollercoaster. Others might have their opinions, but you? You feel like there’s something extraordinary brewing inside, something that sets you apart.

Unveiling Life’s Transformative Moments

Sometimes, things seem good, especially when they bring happiness. But what happens when that goodness turns into something that haunts you? It starts to interfere, making life complicated. Suddenly, it’s a battle within yourself, almost like your soul transforms into other people who invade your thoughts without your permission. You feel uneasy, wondering why someone has the power to disrupt your peace. It’s an emotion tangled with mysteries, stirring up countless questions and changes within you. All this because of one person – their presence triggers a whirlwind of emotions.

To truly understand these emotions, you need an open heart. It’s about being able to sense what others feel as if it’s your own emotion. That’s the gateway to experiencing the unknown feelings caused by someone special. It’s like diving into uncharted waters, guided solely by the influence of that one individual.

The Enigmatic Power of Connection

I feel this way because of someone special, and I’m sharing these feelings directly.

I find myself immersed in a beauty that comes from my imagination. But along with it comes a wave of unfamiliar emotions, ones I can’t quite explain. It’s like people and situations sneak into my mind without asking, turning me into someone unexpected and maybe even a little challenging for those around me. Your face, it’s like a permanent picture in my thoughts, guiding my feelings like a remote controls a TV. Somehow, you’ve become this special person who has a way of connecting with me, transporting me to a whole different world whenever you please. It’s like you minimize the importance of the physical world and magnify the creative universe inside me. And through it all, I can’t help but wonder why these unknown forces are toying with me like this.

Curiosity and Confusion: A Rollercoaster of Emotions

These thoughts stir up excitement within me—I’m curious about you, your voice, the way you talk. I wonder, do you care about me the same way I imagine you do? What kind of powers do you possess to step into my world and surprise me? How do you make me feel stronger, capable of facing whatever comes my way when I’m around you? It’s strange how everything else in the world blurs while your presence becomes crystal clear, almost like high-resolution images. Do you have some sort of superhuman ability to create these changes within me?

But what’s even more intriguing is what your inner voice says about me. Do I even exist in your thoughts and imagination? Are you feeling the way I do? Has your world transformed as mine has, shifting its focus because of our connection? These questions buzz around my mind, eager for answers. It’s like trying to piece together a puzzle where your thoughts and feelings are the missing pieces that complete the picture of our connection.

I find myself in a whirlwind of certainty and doubt, sometimes thrilled, sometimes cautious. At times, I feel incredibly fortunate, cocooned by someone special. Other times, I wonder if I’m being foolish, allowing these shifts to happen within me. What gives you the authority to instigate these changes? What kind of permission do you possess to navigate my thoughts and feelings? How strong are you to gain access to my soul without my say-so?

Seeking Clarity in Mystery

It’s as if you hold some unspoken power, influencing my emotions and steering my thoughts without my explicit consent. I’m left pondering the extent of your influence over me. It’s a curious mix of feeling both captivated and slightly unsettled, unsure of how much control I have over these changes you bring into my life. These questions linger, floating around in my mind, seeking answers that might unravel the mystery behind your impact on me.

Who are you in my life? Are you someone special, perhaps everything to me? Do you truly belong in my world, or am I just imagining it all? I’m eager to understand who you are, the person behind the changes stirring within me. Can you shed some light on it, my “B A B Y !!??”

Nirmal Malle

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