You only my Something

You only my Something

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Is it possible to become addicted to someone?

Does someone sometimes seem to possess a magnetic power, drawing us in and making us feel like they have control over us? Why do we sometimes feel ready to leave everything behind and follow something or someone new?

How do other things in our lives seem to collapse when this happens, either when this person is present or when we are reminded of them?

Am I the only one who experiences this, or do others feel the same way?

How will it be when it overtakes us?

Emotions rise to peaks, sensibilities fall into lows. Your heartbeat starts to control your body, your soul feels electrified. Total control transfers to something else; feelings start to play with you. It becomes like you are nothing and something is everything. It can even make you laugh, cry, irritate, calm, anger, and so much more. It is an emotion that comes unknowingly when we look at something. It can even make you fearless and fearful.”

“What am I writing? Is it important?

I am writing about my life. If life is a combination of moments, I am writing about my best moments – the moments that have happened in my life, the moments that have consumed some part of my life. These moments have taught me a lot of life lessons; they are the reason for my transformation. I want to keep these moments with me in the bundles of life memories. That’s why I am writing, and yes, this is not only important, it’s my life – a life that will never come again.”

What are you trying to express by saying

“you are only my refreshment”? While I may not be a necessity like tea, coffee, or other addictions, I seem to have become important to you. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but my soul feels a connection with you, almost like an attachment that formed without my permission. The only reason I haven’t expressed my feelings is the fear of hurting you or causing any irritation. My silence is not based on shyness or lack of courage, but rather a desire to protect you from any potential discomfort.

Nirmal Malle

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